Sometimes the brightest rainbows are born of the storms torn from one’s soul. MJMS©       PC https://virgil5.deviantart.com/art/Rainbow-Rising-255150272


I love her, but all I have left is her betrayal. MJMS©


Cold lullabies on the wind. Darkness envelops from within. Mindful walls crumble from the top. Be ready for sleep’s drop. MJMS©


A seed was never asked why it became a tree. So why ask me why I chose to be me? MJMS©


When did we start proving that we are happy instead of just being happy? MJMS©


In her final breath, she wished never to live this same life twice. MJMS©


Time may drive your mind a little mad, but time is what your little heart needs. MJMS©


Never believe tears are for the weak, for the weak know the cost of strength. And the cost of strength is enough to move them to tears. MJMS© PC http://www.baltana.com/anime/crying-anime-girl-hd-desktop-wallpaper-21540.html


Holding Lust first and Love second is equivalent to watering cement and expecting grass to grow. MJMS© PC https://chibionpu.deviantart.com/art/Your-soul-is-like-soft-music-on-a-rainy-day-483701978


Lay your lonely Heart bare before me! For I, Love, will show it a home! MJMS©