Elementary. Days were long but nights were short. No reason for healthy all but junk food. The days when barbie was in & growing up was out. Then those days became shorter, the nights oh so longer. Intermediate. The insecurity lingered, a little longer a little longer. The pressure pushed, a little harder a little … Continue reading School


The people we meet in life are mirrors, they reflect parts of our character. Some of these people become friends. They are there for you to pick you up after falling. Then there are people that we dislike. These people reflect our insecurities, our battle within ourselves. They are the reason why we sometimes stumble … Continue reading Mirrors


You may be breaking now. It will feel horrible. You will feel weak. However, for a seed to grow its roots it needs to break its former self. Drink the water of life. With perseverance, you'll find yourself above the dirt of self-degradation. You just need to live through the cracks. MJMS©