Sometimes the brightest rainbows are born of the storms torn from one’s soul. MJMS©       PC https://virgil5.deviantart.com/art/Rainbow-Rising-255150272


Of all the paths I have chosen, I have chosen the one that led me here. I accept all the trials and tribulations once I decided each turn to take along my path. I may celebrate my choices or let them break me down. I may stay in a moment while time passes me by….


I love her, but all I have left is her betrayal. MJMS©


Cold lullabies on the wind. Darkness envelops from within. Mindful walls crumble from the top. Be ready for sleep’s drop. MJMS©


A seed was never asked why it became a tree. So why ask me why I chose to be me? MJMS©


When did we start proving that we are happy instead of just being happy? MJMS©

Out Cry 

There are issues in this world that I cannot rationalize. There are pains in this world that I cannot fathom. There are discriminations in minds I cannot persuade. There are tragedies in lives I cannot heal. There are heartaches, heartbreaks, and even hearts that do not beat – that I… cannot… heal… However, I am…


In her final breath, she wished never to live this same life twice. MJMS©

Herminio O. S.

His touch will continue with the gentle passing breeze. His laugh will continue by the sun shining after a rainy day. His strength will continue by the stars illuminating the darkest of nights. His love will continue through the memories he had left. His life will continue through each of us. Although Heaven may separate…

Lay Awake

Every night I lay awake. Darkness surrounds me. My eyes open but blind. Sleep does not come easily. In a time where life seems unbearable, hard to face and even unforeseeable. These are the times most would go insane. Without anyone there to show them home. To hold their hand back to reality. To hug…