Sometimes the brightest rainbows are born of the storms torn from one’s soul. MJMS©       PC https://virgil5.deviantart.com/art/Rainbow-Rising-255150272


Cold lullabies on the wind. Darkness envelops from within. Mindful walls crumble from the top. Be ready for sleep’s drop. MJMS©

My Dear King,

If the stars could sing, they would sing the moment our eyes met. If the moon could speak, She would sew tales of the valleys and peaks our love has conquered. If the sun could dance, He would dance twice as bright to show the fire between our touch. If you listen closely my King,…


In her final breath, she wished never to live this same life twice. MJMS©

Don’t Ask

Don’t ask me why I’m screaming when you set me on fire. Don’t ask me why I’m broken when you pushed me off the cliff. Don’t ask me why I am crying when you left the knife in my back. Don’t ask me why I no longer care when you never cared at all. MJMS©


She creeps into my heart at night. Knocking on my soul’s door, wondering if I can handle more. I beg and plead for her to leave me, but she sings to ease the pain. She tells me of times I felt so broken and that the future may hold more. My soul trembles at her…


Time may drive your mind a little mad, but time is what your little heart needs. MJMS©


The people we meet in life are mirrors, they reflect parts of our character. Some of these people become friends. They are there for you to pick you up after falling. Then there are people that we dislike. These people reflect our insecurities, our battle within ourselves. They are the reason why we sometimes stumble…


You may be breaking now. It will feel horrible. You will feel weak. However, for a seed to grow its roots it needs to break its former self. Drink the water of life. With perseverance, you’ll find yourself above the dirt of self-degradation. You just need to live through the cracks. MJMS© PC https://tobiasrichter.deviantart.com/art/Rophaien-291671156


When we carelessly reach out for love and get hurt, who do we blame? Surely not love! MJMS©


Our hearts are strong. The only limits are our minds. MJMS© PC https://newcastlemale.deviantart.com/art/Buachaille-Etive-Mor-727812367

Be your Captain

Our lives are ships and we are the Captains. Our ships invite passengers while we journey through these years. There are people that bring storms on board. Some of these storms are small and easy to forgive. Other storms rock our ships, leaves us battered and bruised. There are some people that bring anchors. These…