Shattered – Part 3

This is a continuation of Shattered – Part 0, Shattered – Part 1, Shattered – Part 2. Please read in that order and then read this. This mini story is of my creation and is copyrighted. E-mail or contact me if you have any questions. Aloha! MJMS© The images of a better time mocked my…


Sometimes the brightest rainbows are born of the storms torn from one’s soul. MJMS©       PC


Of all the paths I have chosen, I have chosen the one that led me here. I accept all the trials and tribulations once I decided each turn to take along my path. I may celebrate my choices or let them break me down. I may stay in a moment while time passes me by….


I love her, but all I have left is her betrayal. MJMS©


Cold lullabies on the wind. Darkness envelops from within. Mindful walls crumble from the top. Be ready for sleep’s drop. MJMS©


A seed was never asked why it became a tree. So why ask me why I chose to be me? MJMS©


When did we start proving that we are happy instead of just being happy? MJMS©

My Dear King,

If the stars could sing, they would sing the moment our eyes met. If the moon could speak, She would sew tales of the valleys and peaks our love has conquered. If the sun could dance, He would dance twice as bright to show the fire between our touch. If you listen closely my King,…

Out Cry 

There are issues in this world that I cannot rationalize. There are pains in this world that I cannot fathom. There are discriminations in minds I cannot persuade. There are tragedies in lives I cannot heal. There are heartaches, heartbreaks, and even hearts that do not beat – that I… cannot… heal… However, I am…


In her final breath, she wished never to live this same life twice. MJMS©