Dear MJ,

When is a good time to say I love you? its weird huh saying “i love you” and meaning it while feeling it. It’s been a while since I’ve said those words to someone and idk. maybe i’m over thinking it. maybe i’m scared he doesn’t feel that way about me yet? -Luna

Hey Luna,

It could be that the only way to move forward is to clear a path. I had a talk with [my love] while we were dating and we both agreed that we like each other but are not at love yet, however, we both feel enough for each other to make that our goal. So we just got to know each other more, more dates, hiking, traveling the island, etc. Places where we could be alone with each other because the only two people we wanted in our relationship was ourselves. Just ask [him] how he really feels and what his goal for this relationship is. Also ask yourself that, clear your own goals before asking for others. B Because, in the end, you are the captain of your ship, you’re not just going along for the ride.



Real names were [omitted] for privacy.

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