This is it

In this moment, I probably never felt more beautiful and alive. Who would’ve thought that this moment would occur off the side of a major highway, in a field of weeds. Who would’ve thought that in this field of weeds, I almost fell and wept. I just could not believe that for a few times in my life, I finally have another where I truly love my plus size self. All those heart breaks, starving, fear of eating – just faded away. I couldn’t hear the laughing that taunted me since I was a child. Escaped from the dark recesses of my mind, that needlessly reminds me that I am possibly the biggest woman in the world. Silence from the snickering and “OMG” when I walk around in public with my boyfriend. A break from rehearsing that genuine laugh when it came to unwanted comments about how I can make my life better – IF I JUST LOST SOME FUCKING WEIGHT!

Shhhhhh, do you hear what I hear?

What beautiful brief silence…

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