This is a continuation of Shattered – Part 0, Shattered – Part 1, Shattered – Part 2. Please read in that order and then read this. This mini story is of my creation and is copyrighted. E-mail or contact me if you have any questions. Aloha! MJMS©

The images of a better time mocked my consciousness as I began to notice my sanctuary was nothing but four feet wide and three feet deep closet. “ANCORA!” For a second I thought that I was saved, but then I heard it again. “ANCORRRRRRRAAAA-aaaaggghhh!!!!” It dawned on me that the creature that dealt these deadly blows hasn’t given up. Slurred words spewed out of the monster’s mouth, “I won’t hurt you anymore ANCORA!” FUCK. Death itself began twisting the doorknob; cursing as it tried smashing the door free. The surrounding walls of the closet echoed the beast’s wishes. It wished that the two-inch thick door, that separated us, would give in to its demands. It inhaled air and exhaled screams while it helplessly rammed itself against the door. If death was the way to escape this, then death breathe me. Although I wanted to die, I still tried to fight. My legs were bent with my feet pressing against the door, letting IT in was the last thing I wanted to see before I died.

All my mind could think about was the past and a certain past I thought I locked away. For the first time since I allowed my mind to just stop thinking and start remembering. I hit memory lane a lot quicker than I thought. Ed telling Nox and I stories of when our parents were young and in love. The stories would make Ali swoon and talk about finding her true love while Nox would walk away in embarrassment. The word love was foreign to me. I dated briefly through school and college but nothing major. My parents come vividly to mind. Stupid. I came here to save myself and in the end, I was my self-destruction. At least I’d be reunited with my parents.

When I heard my past echoing me dreams final words, I was all but happy to be brought back to the present. The pain emanating from my lungs caused my body to convulse and almost cripple over in pain. It jumped started me back awake sending painful shivers down my spine. My breathing was accelerated when I had awoken, but I had managed to get it back to regular pace within minutes. Or to a regulated gasping for air, my lungs ached at my sudden remembrance of the past. Blotches of black began to cover my already fading vision. I guess that bitch’s tricks were more than a scratch… During my fight with the monster, it managed to tear a piece of me off. I had claw marks on my chest and stomach, the increased blood loss causes the darkness over my eyes were getting stronger. There is no way of telling time when you haven’t seen the moon or sun yet. “I lost everyone I loved, but I don’t deserve to see them…” I could barely breathe. My body was so numb that I knew in my still heart, that the final blow wouldn’t be painful at all.

Hours passed and the monster still kept at it. My legs spasm in pain, but I still keep resisting. To stay awake and aware, I began thinking about everything in my twenty years on earth. The people, the friends, and the family. What would I say to my parents and sisters when I meet them? They would be wearing beautiful attire and me, I would be drenched in blood with torn jeans and a t-shirt. Knowing me, I would try to make up another excuse for the reason why I looked the way I did. Of course, the truth would be too painful for them to know. “I’m the sorry dad… mom…” I played out the scene in my head. I felt a tinge of pain run through my face, I was smiling. “…there was nothing in that little cramped up the closet that I could have worn…” I silently chuckled to myself. Not a “happy-to-see-you” chuckle but an “I’m-Sorry-I-was-too-careless-again” one. As I laughed to myself, I felt the sloshing of blood in my lungs, the all too real threat that I might just die any moment was comforting. My heart began to race once again, knowing well the pressure building up in my lungs. Trying to calm this already weakened body I began, at least attempt, to take deep breaths. Breathing, however, was a different kind of pain. A pain where a person could feel each and every breath get shorter and shorter. It felt like I was swimming, and for each gasp of air, my lungs took a gulp of blood. My mind began to sink deeper and deeper into darkness. If that Beast doesn’t kill me, then my lungs would. The stillness of the closet was not as comforting as I had imagined earlier when I had first clawed my way to safety. As I took one more gasp of air my mind drifted, to a place where my entire life was now living.

It felt like a whole two days had passed since I began slipping in and out of consciousness. I was not surprised that I started hearing my parent’s voices calling to me. Every minute that I was unconscious, their voices became clearer and closer. Be strong… Their voices filled from the back of my head. I strained myself to see them, but the decaying brown walls of the closet gave me no insight into where the voices were coming from. My mind was trying to make the passing easier by conjuring up my memories when my parents were still alive. My body, however, didn’t want me to leave my life without realizing the present. A horrible stinging pain brought me out of my thoughts; as I felt something starts dripping down my face. My head… is bleeding? I sat there for minutes as I waited for the realization to hit my hand. Slowly and painfully my right hand started to rise in response so that I could feel the damage. All the nerves in my body felt numb and dead, it felt like it took an eternity of torture to move.

My fingertips slowly traced from the wound in the back of my head to the blood leak, then to the gushing river running along the right side of my face. Now, that is something to worry about. My head slowly started to spin as I tried to focus on my hand. My vision was blurry but I could see that my entire palm was dripping with a dark red substance. It took a lot of concentration and pain tolerance to slowly drop my hand back to its original resting place. My eyes slid shut as my tears began down their trails on my face. It hit me like a punch to my gut. I was dying… No… I am dying… My mind begins its slow descent, but I didn’t want to leave yet. I opened my mouth but all that came out was coughs and blood. My eyes opened, trying to focus on the door so that I could control my coughing fit. I opened my mouth again. I wanted to scream. I wanted to yell for help. However, all I could breathe out was “I want my family…” It was not a yell or even loud enough to hear because I barely heard it myself. Before I could give it another try, everything just faded into the darkness. The monster’s screams became my lullaby.

The body I drifted in felt weightless and my vision began to black out for moments at a time. I tried to close my eyes shut for a few seconds and open them again to re-adjusted to my blurred surroundings. At first, all the colors seemed to merge together like a blurred piece of artwork, but the longer I stared at my surroundings the clearer it became. There was a dim light, barely lighting the entire closet, but I couldn’t move my head to see where the light had come from. Maybe the monster got afraid of the dark? I allowed myself to accept bitter humor, what else could I say. A surge of pain rippled through my chest and a groan escaped my dried lips in response. While trying to focus them away from the pain I realized the monster was no longer slamming against the door. No sounds of cursing, screaming or grunting passed through the air. Is it over…?

To be continued

03/05/2018 This will be my last release in this series! Hope you liked it! MJMS©

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