Lay Awake

Every night I lay awake.
Darkness surrounds me.
My eyes open but blind.
Sleep does not come easily.

In a time where life seems unbearable,
hard to face and even unforeseeable.
These are the times most would go insane.

Without anyone there to show them home.

To hold their hand back to reality.
To hug them quietly, to want them easily.

To love them like love was always there.
To be there when the storms about to come.

To have ears better than the deaf.

In their eyes, reality seems cool.
Life seems better and understandable.

What dream I must dream just to pull my tired body to sleep?

What song I must play to make my eyes slide shut?

What sight could save my heart from sinking?

Life would be so great if fate worked faster!

Life would be jolly if there was always laughter.
Life would be easy if it was perfect!
What a fantasy that would be…

A strong enough hope, to make me go sleep…


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