This is a continuation of Shattered – Part 0 and Shattered – Part  Please read in that order and then read this. This mini story is of my own creation and is copyrighted. E-mail or contact me if you have any questions! MJMS©

“This is the building.” I sighed, talking to myself to calm my nerves. It was eight o’clock at night when I finally made it to the warehouse. The strange disheveled man that approached me and Ali in front of the coffee shop said he needed to show me something. He didn’t give me a name but he knew mines. He knew my home was in Atica and he said he knew my parents. He told me he could show me and tell me everything that has happened to my parents. I would finally have the answer to the questions me and Nox sealed in our hearts. Although I didn’t tell Nox about tonight, I knew he’d try to convince me out of it, but I need to know. Ed refuses to tell me about Atica’s condition and of my people living there. My father was one of the five leaders that take care and represent Atica itself. To not know anything about my home was slowly driving me insane. Then suddenly this man appears and says he has all the answers. I don’t know why we left Atica. I don’t know where my parents are. I don’t know anything. If this wasn’t a blessing I don’t know what is.

The paper I held in my hand began to feel heavy as the weight of my emotions threatens to flood back. I’ve repressed them for so long. I looked at the paper again, 8 PM MEET ME INSIDE WAREHOUSE 9. I can’t remember when I last took a breath as I inhaled one last time before heading into the warehouse. The building was pitch black and I couldn’t see anything, the worst is that I couldn’t hear anything either. I reached for my cellphone and used its flashlight. It could only illuminate a five-foot radius around me.

The warehouse smell of rust and old cardboard, I felt as if I could hardly breathe. Walking deeper into the warehouse I heard what sounded like a metal gate opening. I stood still aiming my cell phone dead ahead. RUN! PLEASE! I heard a voice echo in my head and whirl around but no one was there. Just out of the reach of my light there were eyes looking at me. The marbled gray eyes of the man I met. There was something different about his eyes this time, Ali always said I have an extraordinary talent when it came to reading eyes. I’m going to die, was the only thought in my mind. The marbled gray eyes slowly started turning purple. I should have known, Mortal eyes don’t glow in the darkness, and they sure as hell don’t change colors.

The look of a man but the brutality of a wild animal. A creature with purple eyes. I almost started laughing to myself at the irony. RUN ANCORA PLEASE! The voice in my head echoed again before I knew it, I found myself running back towards the exit. However, the rusty metal door was closed shut and under my attempts to pull it open. Laughing mixed with growling made for a twisted animal song. Shit Shit Shit! My eyes darted everywhere in the darkness trying to find another way out. The warehouse windows were set too high for me to reach. I turned off my cellphone light and slid along the wall as quietly as possible feeling for another door.

“Ohhhh I can smell your fear!” A rough voice panted out as I held my breath to listen. He sounded like a dog getting excited, panting and scratching the floor. His heart beat is still located in the center of the warehouse. The scratching sound of his claws is because he’s dragging them across the floor as he paces. Please please another door! I continue holding my breath as I search and make my way along the walls. I remove the flannel I was wearing and place it on the ground. He’s a Beast, a Mortal Beast. Only Beasts eyes change when they blood lust!

“Ohhhhh Ohh there’s two of you now. How strange….” He growled sounding, please. It seems like he likes the challenge. I begin taking one piece of clothing off every twenty feet or so if I make this entire warehouse smell like me he will have a harder time finding me.

“Ho ho ho now there are six of – wait, seven of you?”

I am barely wearing anything when I feel a knob under my hands but before I could open the door he lifted me up by my hair and dragged me across the floor. His claws partially dug into my skull and I scream in agony until he drops me. The light from the moon shines through one of the windows and illuminates my surroundings. I get up into the fighting stance and look around. Towering before me is a six-foot-tall Beast.

His back hunched and his arms hung low. His arms thick with muscles twitching along with the motion of his head. When Beast blood lust they say they double in size. His body covered in blood from his skin ripping to during his shift. I avoid making eye contact as Ed warned us when a Beast transforms it is from bloodlust. Bloodlust is a unique ability for Beast kind, they become stronger, faster, and ravenous. Beast kind is a deviant from the Mortal gene pool. In school, we learned that there were many different kinds of life in our world. They are called the Holy Trio, Mortal Man at the top with Beast and Mythic at the bottom supporting Man.

“I don’t know what you’re thinking. I am a Mortal, you are bound to not kill Man.” I commanded with the steadiest voice I could muster. A rusted pipe caught the corner of my eye. Trying to keep the Beast in my peripheral while leaping towards the pipe.

“Oh my oh my tsk, yes I am bound to Man. But you my darling are far from it.” His head twitched to the side in pleasure.

“What do you mean?” I looked him dead in the eyes and his illuminated slated pupils pulsed in excitement. 

“Oh hahaha! She doesn’t get it! But I guess the price was just right again. This is going to be exciting, you have is indomitable eyes.”


“Your Father, child! Oh yes, his blood was very delicious. And her screams were, how you say, a symphony!” He got excited and started howling towards the ceiling.

Something inside me broke. The next thing I knew I was charging at him like a madman. Don’t fight! Just run! The same man’s voice echoed in my ear but I soon cast the words out of my head. As I leap into the air towards the monster while gripping the pipe. The only thought that ran through my mind, MONSTER!

To be continued

03/04/2017 Well, I am a month or so late on releasing the next part. Sorry about that! Been distracted. Hope to get back on track soon! MJMS©

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