Days were long but nights were short.
No reason for healthy all but junk food.
The days when barbie was in & growing up was out.
Then those days became shorter, the nights oh so longer.

The insecurity lingered, a little longer a little longer.
The pressure pushed, a little harder a little harder.
The friends came & go, a little fewer a little fewer.
The love just kept on hurting, a little more a little more.
Then the years became shorter, ever shorter ever shorter.

High School.
Me. Myself. & I.
Let’s find myself. Let’s find myself.
Ran around the world, still no answer still no answer.
Then the discovery, then the love.
Then the push, then the shove.
Here came the LIGHT! Here it came here it came.
With all the pain & the strife, along with fame oh bitter fame.
Here came the change, oh THIS WONDERFUL CHANGE.
This renewed strength, courage, & voice.
Here inside here inside.
I found the strength to survive.


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