What Else?

Deceitful. Horrendous. Never ending the cycle of toxicity. Spewing acid rain on bystanders. Wishing harm on others because of fueled lies. Turn the other cheek they say, but both were slapped. Still, voices tremble with strength, repairing wounds with quotes and memorials. Why preach to the soulless while they believe in shallow purpose? Slam shackles on free spirits, while saying there is only one true form of love. They say the church is in the heart but cast away those seeking refuge. Tragic. The powerful are powerful, sitting on top thrones of blood-stained gold. Clawing, ripping, and shattering Gaia’s breast. Her cries fall upon cold steel and life draining pipes. Shhhh… Can you hear that? Upon the seat of power stays a fascist man of utmost uncertainty. Eyes blinded but pen blazing. Whispers upon the wind, chants of people rising up. What else must we sacrifice on the brink of humanity’s apocalypse?


PC https://nondev.deviantart.com/art/Destroy-concept-433417109

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