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“Are you really going?” Ali asked. I looked back at the middle-aged man. What was I going to say? He looked me up and found me, all because he wanted to help me find the truth. I know any modern straight-minded person would have called the police to take my investigation further. Any straight-minded person would think twice about agreeing to meet up with this scruffy stranger, whose facial hair hung around his face like a guilty noose. Any straight-minded person would say no but, “Yes, I am.” Too bad I’m not straight-minded.

“Are you crazy?! He might kill you!” Ali screamed at me.

“Hush down you psycho! You’re calling attention to us!” I jumped over to her to cover her mouth and half walked half dragged her to the nearest alley.

“You NEED unwanted attention to be able to not be on this CRAZY! I know you want answers! What about your brother? Just because YOU want to know doesn’t mean-“

I just look at her, I would normally feel bad, but not now. Ali was stomping her feet as she tried speaking between her tears. Her peach colored skin a beautiful contrast to the soft pastel colored sundress she is wearing. Ali could never tan like me; I was in the sun every day. My dark brown skin worked nicely with my black tee and denim jeans. Ali’s frustration made her looked smaller than normal, although she is just a feet inches’ shy from my five foot eight inches.

When I first met Ali that was a few weeks after we arrived on Paradise. We stayed at the Grand Union Castle on the island of Kana. There was a lot of paperwork that had to be done by Ed and we had our photos taken. When we got our citizen cards Ed took us to meet his sister Beth on Mochu island. It was a 2-hour ferry ride south of Kana Island. We passed by many other islands before we reached the port for Mochu. Ali was a tiny girl my same age bouncing up to me and starts playing with my hair. She was there for Nox and me when we finally found out about our parents.

Ed sat us down at the dinner table with Beth and Ali in tow. He told us that he has lost all communications with our parents. When we left Kana island he received word that they are missing. My brother was eight and I was five when we suddenly found out we were alone in this world. Edward Ponce has been with our family since they started living in Atica. My father and Ed were roughly the same age, although being two separate species. The Ponce family was a mixed bloodline, with their Mortal appearance but Beast strength and height made them popular choices for servants and bodyguards for elite families. When the Infinity War came closer to Atica my father hired more Mortals and Beast for protection. Then one day Ed picked us up from school and took us to Paradise.

I’ve celebrated fifteen birthdays on Mochu. The city was built in a circle around the Grand Union Embassy. Ed and Beth treated us like family, it was easier being that we spent most of our childhood with Ed. He retired from the Grand Union Army and opened up a fishery to build income. Beth had a restaurant she and her late husband George had started. It was a popular local restaurant that served hearty meals next to the port. Ed and Nox worked in the fishery as Beth, Ali and I worked in the restaurant when we got older. Those days were hard but good, not having a family then suddenly having one. It was a lot to process back then.

“ANCORA! ANA! ANA!” Ali’s cries bring me back to reality. While I try to make sense of what she is trying to say, I wanted to tell her that I love her and I’m sorry, but the words didn’t come out. Ali finally gave up once she realized I wasn’t listening to her. Completely defeated all she could do is run away from me. We left early today to go to our favorite cafe since it was our day off. All Ali wanted to do was wish me an early twenty-first birthday, sigh. Her swaying chestnut colored hair quickly vanished into the light at the mouth of the alley. The sun is so bright today that I had complained about it earlier. However, in this alley, no light shone through along with no noise or breeze at all. My emotions toiled beneath my skin like a disease waiting for my mental barriers to go unguarded. I was afraid of myself, and that was more complex than I could comprehend. I don’t feel good. Suddenly it felt like the world crashing down and a deafening high pitch screech began ringing through my brain.

It sounded like metal grinding against concrete, as my ear felt like they were bleeding. My hands reflexively latched onto my ears and cradled my head. I felt my balance get thrown off and I began to wobble bumping into empty bins, trying to find my way back to reality. My body began convulsing, as the noise became unbearable. My mind made me feel like throwing up, I wanted to scream but I knew the pain stopped my body from functioning. Leaning against a wall and using it as a brace while I ease myself onto the cold pavement, curling into the fetal position. I tried opening my eyes but my vision became doubled, but in a brief moment that I had opened it, I saw Ali’s yellow flower flip flops before me.

“Ancora! Ancora!”

My body began to shake violently as I found myself propped up against the wall, I could barely open my eyes moreover, speak to Ali. I began seeing bright lights flashing in my mind, so blinding that it made me forget about the pain in my ears for a moment. The lights began pulsating faster and faster until it felt like all I could see was white, and then I saw it.

I tried to make sense of my surroundings but there were only bright white walls and what looked like a man standing across of me. He was dripping with blood, his hands were stained with it, and he had eyes that glowed purple. He wobbled toward me, mumbling words I couldn’t make out. I wanted to run but I felt someone holding me down, Ali was holding me down. He walked closer and I was able to hear the words he mumbled, and it sent me into a frenzy trying to claw myself free of this grip. “Ancora! Ancora! Ancora!” He began to shiver and laugh as he said my name and began to walk faster. I screamed so loud that the ringing my ears had stopped, but it was too late for thinking. The man pulled me up by my hair and whispered in my ear. “Finally…” He whispered as his blood stained hand caressed my cheek. “Ancora… You will be reunited with your family soon!”

“It’s okay, it’s okay,” I suddenly wake up in Ali’s arms. My head is on her lap as she dabs a wet cloth on my forehead. We’re back at home in my room. A map of Paradise and a picture of Nox and I in front of the Grand Union Castle hung across from my bed. I looked up at Ali as she smiles at me.

“Welcome back,” She said gently, there were scratch marks on her shoulder.

“Oh, my – Ali! I’m sorry!” I tried to quickly get up but fell back down. The shock of getting up too quickly almost made me pass out.

“Stop dumbass, I got these when I tried to lift you up. I rubbed against the wall really hard.”

“Well that is believable,” I mumbled to myself. She gasped at my remark and playfully slapped me. Ali asked me what happened and how do I feel. Insisting that I go to the doctor to make sure everything was okay. I refused to go and tell her everything was okay. I explained what I saw and she listened intently. This is what I love about her. No matter how ridiculous it sounds, she’ll still take it into consideration. She listened intensely and a worried look crossed her face.

“So- you shouldn’t go meet up with that guy. Done.” Ali huffed, apparently winning the argument.

“Yeah I guess not…” I feigned. I’d have to apologize profusely later.

To be continued

Last edited 11/06/16 whoa whoa what is she doing?! I hope you guys liked part 1! Working on part 2 now! 01/03/17 Man, sorry a day late on this. I had another idea for another story so I got a little side tracked! But here it is! MJMS©

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