Open Letter

Dear World,

This is my plea to you all. I am just a simple woman, living the best of my capabilities. I am naturally curious and love my island home and the world around it. I am usually so happy and carefree, some would mistake it for simple-mindedness, however, I am not simple. Here I am crying for our world. Can you not hear Her cries? The atrocities that we car her with has caused irreversible damage. The fact that Global WARMING still needs to be proved to some of our world leaders and politicians are beyond me. 

I have watched countless documentaries read books and articles about our now dismal situation. Greenland will have melted away before money is even poured into energy saving options. Can we honestly say we are okay with this? Continuing on with our lives like business as usual when deforestation is driving animals in Indonesia to extinction? Where ancient glaciers that withstood Earth’s earlier occupants, fall at the hands of the very mammals She had created? A scientist who says Global Warming is a fraud should show their documented and tested theses! They should be scrutinized as strongly as those who spent their livelihoods, years upon years of collecting data to prove that Global Warming is occurring and will be worsening without proper urgent changes. What else proof does one need to realize that to ignore this is to negate the ability of our future generations to relish in animals and nature that will have been expunged before their conception?

No one feels Global Warming as much as those who live closest to the oceans.

Here on the island of Maui, there are obvious signs of sea levels rising. On the west side of the island the roads are being eaten away by the ocean, some points the ocean is cresting onto the road. Not just any road, but a Highway that is the main road to and from Lahaina; which is the town on the west side of Maui. To save the road we are building a seawall which in turn damages the surrounding coral by toxic runoff. A temporary fix until we can allocate the main highway higher to avoid future ocean levels.
Our rainy seasons are thrown off, usually between November to February, now scatter across the year. In October we had torrential rains in Wailuku that caused a natural running stream to become a wall of water. Destroying it’s a state park and family homes. The water was so devastating that it rerouted the entire river. Now families that grew Taro, a crop that needs constant running water, cannot rely on it no longer – putting their livelihoods and culture at risk.

Hawai’i also had a record breaking year for Hurricanes during this El Nino season. There was one time this year that three hurricanes developed one after the other and came towards Hawai’i. None directly impacted however the winds and rain still hit some parts of the Hawai’ian Islands. The summer’s humidity has been increasing, usually, we have the Trade Winds keeping us cool, but ask any local – the winds have changed.

Some of you may not feel the changes of Mother Nature, but there are others who do. Sometimes the impacts are so devastating that some islands in the Pacific have to make arrangements to abandon their homes. The sea level rises has caused some islands in the south Pacific ocean to become inhospitable. It breaks my heart to think that someday, generations down my family, they may have to face that same reality. There can be, no, there is no simple quick solution anymore.

Open your eyes World Leaders and Politicians, I beg you!

Born and Raised on Maui,

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