My dear friend Edward,

Please watch over them. This is difficult for all of us, however I know the children will make it. There is barely any more of us left. Isabelle and I with the others will hold them off for as long as we can. You have always been a brother to me Ed, don’t ever forget that. Tell Nox and Ancora… Tell them when they are ready and older. Tell them everything.

Good bye, Aldo & Isabelle

“Uncle Eddy, why are you crying?” A young boy asked as he looks to the man sitting next to him.

“It’s just this letter,” he replied tenderly as he pats the young boy’s head.

“This letter means farewell.” The dark tanned man’s brows furrowed as he looked out of the plane’s window. The flight attendants walk around the cabin assuring everyone was buckled up and all the carry-ons were stowed away. He sat on the aisle seat with the young boy sitting in the middle and a younger girl eagerly staring out the window.

The young boy wore dark colored jeans and a loose white tee. His jet black hair buzzed short. His skin lightly tan prickled when the airplane’s jets roared to life as it started taxing the runway. The young girl sitting at the window was focusing intently on the happenings outside of the window. Her hair was also jet black and almost as long as her body. The passenger’s whispered nearby at how beautiful her hair was. Black hair was a rare sight to see, it has been a gene that was thought only a few of the populace had. Then suddenly on one plane, we had two children with this jet black hair. The young girl’s light tan skinned paled in comparison to her hair. Her soft ivory pink dress danced as she swayed her feet back and forth.

Ed looked on as the two young ones chatted along excited about traveling with their uncle. His dark brown skin almost shimmered under his olive colored military uniform. When boarding the plane, he had to tilt his head since the entry way was below 6 ft. tall. He rotates his neck as he looked at the letter one last time before folding it away into one of his chest pockets. He clears his throat and tries to sound cheerful.

“Are you guys excited?”

“YES! Uncle, Ancora wants to go swimming when we get to Paradise!” The young boy smiled ear to ear.

“What! Nox, you said that!” Ancora huffed as she turned to Nox with arms crossed. Before they could start arguing Ed settled them down.

“If you both behave… We’ll all go swimming. Alright?” The kids cheered and Ed relaxed a little. The all too familiar ding from the intercom came on as the Captain announces for taking off. Ed leaned back in his seat as he watched the kids stare out the window.

I’ll protect them. Count on me.

To be continued

Note: May 2016. Here is a snippet from one of my concepts.  I really liked working on this. I wonder what happened? I should dive back into… wait wait wait, priorities first haha! Hope you enjoyed this brief snip snip snip! (last edited on 11/06/2016, I’ve updated the story line!) MJMS©

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