To once was us

The sweet silhouette of my once loved essence lingered in the distance,
as I swayed too and fro with words burning my chest.
I held my breath,
wishing that the words I held would not scar to deep.
My lover, My Friend, My Ally.
My heart in earnest lingered for me to stay by your side,
but I knew for my love that I had to subside.
I silently shut one door at a time,
where the house of my heart once stood open and wide.
I needed my guard and I needed my thoughts.
But what I needed before was love’s faithful touch.
With planted feet I stumbled to walk.
To walk towards my heart.
To walk towards my future,
so safe and sound.
My feet planted deeper once this lover met her lover’s eyes.
The house where my heart once stood open and blind,
now crumbled and weapt before my next lines.
I spoke quick choosing the words that would leave a prick,
but what I didn’t realize that I had spoke with knives that pierced deep.
I tried to stay firm although my knees began to buckle,
the whole world seemed to stop.
The world wasn’t ready to hear my lover’s demise,
spoken through his lover’s lips.
I wanted to take back my words and tell him everything is alright,
but I said these words with a true heart’s intent.
I would never ask him to wait for a dawn where I’d come back.
Moreover, to ask him to want me back.
I didn’t want him to love me like that.
Once my words echoed through his ears,
I knew that the past wasn’t anywhere near.
I left with a void in my heart that I had once knew years ago,
but the worst part was I left him with one too.


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