Social Impasse

My empathetic heart is breaking. I can’t help but  feel the darkness crowding the minds of my peers. Radical movements are met with radical racism. Extremist is met with flowers, while innocents are met with death. What is the meaning to Humanity? To be inhumane to one another, while our graves are stained with #hashtags. What side to take? “It does not matter, who cares, HATER, race lover, gay basher, fag hag, hick.” What is it to you? “It’s a free country, free speech, don’t stomp on my rights, you’re a sinner to God, your race is nothing, you have no right immigrant, USA USA USA, what about equality.” 

In a world where we are all connected, we are driving each other farther and farther away. Social Monsters have many faces behind many names. Protected by the veil that the internet is one BIG playground. Where consequence is irrelevant, where children think threatening rape is amusing and making racial slurs is common place. What have we become? “Fuck the police, they deserved it, she was drunk, she liked it, he deserved to die, they were driving reckless anyways, it’s because I’m black, it’s because I’m gay, you can’t say that to me bitch, do you even know who I am, all these immigrants is the reason we’re all going to shit, I am for Donald Trump, to vote or not to vote, all Muslims need to be exported, what about love.”

My heart is in shambles, I want to scream to the world and wake it up from its stupor. In a time where there is so much power to create a greater peace, WE FUCK UP. WE. We are to blame for the shit holes we have created.

Why are we doing this to ourselves?


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