Once young were we, happy and free.
Not a care in the world, to destroy our peace.
We kept each other close, through thick and thin.
Kept each other in line, through every hurricane.
Kept true to our sisters, that’s what we meant to do.
But now darkness has separated us, even though three were right.
Three were happy, out of fright.
Now one is lost, another secluded, the other in between.
Though, never have I thought this would happen.
I thought the days would stay days, but it didn’t.
I thought the weeks would stay weeks, but they didn’t.
What could have happened?
To us sisters of blood.
I remember that one day, we planned to make a book of our conflicts.
Happiness, trials, and disappointments.
I was so happy that day.
Cause I knew I had somebody to share these feelings,
I thought I only knew.
But instead of one, it came in a package three.
Sisters we once were, now torn between three worlds.
What could have happened, I don’t know.
Why can’t all of us go back, go back to that life.
When we were young and happy,
nothing in this world could have kept us apart.
Until we grew up…
And notice how far apart we really are.
And watched the gap as it slowly grew bigger and bigger…


PS: I wrote this back in intermediate school. Hmmmm…

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