To My…

To My Despairing Beloved,

Why?! This curse of memory I’ll condemn till I die and my heart I’ll lock away in a tower. The highest of towers & I pray no one to find it. Not to find it the way everyone left it. Damaged. Killed beyond repair. I pray no one find my heart in its despair. Unforgiving, this sheltered casket I pray upon. Empty closeted soul. Within thus casket I pray upon a mirror resting in my place. A reflection of what should’ve been. I would have been forgotten. But its not a mirror that I pray upon. It is and always will be my soul I pray upon. My unforgiving tortured soul.


PS: I wrote this after a pretty bad heartbreak back in 2009. There was a lot of things in my life at that time that was fracturing. I was really finding myself during that time. Wow though, so much emotion in this post.

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