I can swear to my parents but not vocally
I spit my anger in rhymes
or take it out on my blood lines
don’t mean I’m not flamin’
I can be bitchin’
I can be confusin’
I can be complainin’ bout world hunger
but I take no action
or make no move
because the lines on my body are tied to a wall
I trail far but not far enough
from a jail cell that’s white
I didn’t think my cell would come
with a comfy bed and even a stuffed animal


PS: Talk about Flash Back Friday! I remember when I first wrote this poem. I had a big gaudy book I was given for my birthday. God, I hated that book but I filled it with my art, writing, musings, songs, etc. There was times in my life where I would pen myself in my white walled room and just write every emotion out. Afraid of coming out of my own shell, so my writing became very explosive. Just thinking about it frustrates me, haha!

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