(poetic beginning)
blood rushing through my body
haven’t these rumors and lies fly and burn
but why won’t you let the truth fly high
instead of locking it’s wings and say bye
like a dove about to be released
but every time the door is lift half way
its shut back down
hopes arise
and hopes diminish

(break out)
anger me as much you like
I wont degrade my self to your level
I will never give “us” a second chance
runnin’ around tellin’ me what to do
to hold your hand and call you babe
we aint in kindergarten anymore
you messed with my mind too much
even trying to flip who likes who
you cant even commit that’s why I had to end it
but even if I didn’t
the day after for show you’d be
on my friends ass again
you think you’re cool
listening to alternative rock and punking out
calling yourself a cold-hearted beast
all you want is attention FOOL
I ain’t fallin’ for that shit no more
people like you give me a reason to write rhymes
cause crimes
and even write down a couple of lines
but those lines grow
and fly through beats
entered in contests
but never repeat
so yeah this might be one of these times you think I’m a bitch
HAH! You even called me a bitch when I was with you
so now who’s the one
runnin’ around
flippin’ and floppin’ words
just to fool around


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