These Years

I am addicted to the traffic,
that I now call life.
I shred off these clothes,
like a daily exercise.
The best movie is the drama around me,
not the life I’m living.
These walls broke me,
after all these years.
The freedom just a mockery,
which i silently dream for.
Yet still with freedom at my footstep,
I can never seem to accept it.
Just like the thousands of ME that
society created.
I am tied down by my flaws,
instead of just letting them go.
I hang on to my corona,
like it’s the only thing I’ve got.
But after all these YEARS,
I say fuck it to the society that literally
GAVE BIRTH to this role play
I call LIFE.
Why should I just stand at the needle of breaking point!
I say look at me!
FEEL what I am saying!
Which is I who had created ME.
Neither society or the person to the left of me can change that.
I am who I am.
Weak. Sheltered. Afraid. Denial.
Love me for me,
not because I hide my flaws.
Love me for me.

Because after all these years…
I am Who I MAKE myself to BE.
& that’s me.


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