The night seems timeless,
as the day gets older.
Ceasing the shadowed line between want & need.
Time flutters away from me.
In a cool sense of refined peace,
raged the storm of irrelevant details.
Slurring differences with commonality.
Normality blurred with Inhumanity.
Choice, the vibe which shelters the brave.
Despised the iron walkers of irony,
bring about the irony of iron.
Bring just level too grounded,
revenge would seem silent.
Acid bath of past regurgitations,
seeming faulty against present answers.
Deemed unfit to lead,
calls your broken record.
Cease to exist your shallow heart,
against the melody of forgiveness.
Beaten and cold,
breathing and heaving.
This marry-go-round a curse,
the unbeaten path you know has been beaten.


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