Eyes Open

Every night I lay asleep, my heart aching. Have I always regretted? Echoed questions of my past, haunting me silently. Never have I watched myself, so meticulously. It scares me. Derived from the shadows of my deprived soul of constant change. Exhaled a broken heart. Weak and shattered. A days worth to no end, and an end is in no sight. Blind eyes for all the years I spent, sleeping behind eyes wide open.

“Freewrite” October 6th, 2009


P.S: Wow, so many years from when this was written. I finally was able to give it a title. Remembering your past and embracing the emotions you felt at that time is really humbling now. I have grown enough to know where my dark places hide and fester. I work tirelessly to unvail them and heal them. Poetry and writing has always been an escape for me. I encourage journal keeping. Words helped me through my darkest of time, that and having friends who were practically like blood betheren. This freewrite was from a tough time in my life, a time where even I thought I would mentally break. If you’re feeling down, I encourage you to write! I encourage you to create, to cuss scream, exclamation points everywhere!!!!!! Then burn it, release it from yourself and let that toxicity go. I’m not going to tell you you’ll forget all the bad things, but it will get better.

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